Freelance designer and developer studying
Computer Science at Cambridge University.

My name is Jake Wright. I am 21 years old and I'm currently studying Computer Science at Queens' College,
Cambridge - I'm in my final year. I design and create beautiful and functional solutions. I also make films.


My passion for web design began in 2004, not long after we got dial-up internet. I began by using Microsoft FrontPage - I’d make websites for made-up companies. I spent the next few years learning HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In 2006, I learnt how to program in C# and decided that Computer Science was the subject I wanted to study at university. I spent the next few years learning new skills and gaining as much experience as I could. I became proficient in PHP, worked on a variety of projects and worked as a software developer for Aspire Technology Solutions.

In sixth form, I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing and Critical Thinking, all at both AS and A2 level. Furthermore, I studied for an AS Level in Religious Studies, completing the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics modules. This was, of course, a tremendous amount of work.

A Level Results: A*A*A*A*

The hard work paid off because in 2011, I was invited for an interview at Cambridge and received an offer to study Computer Science at Queens’ College a few months later. The course is very theoretical and has given me invaluable knowledge of the principles of Computer Science as well as the practical skills needed to solve problems.

Uni Results so far

  • Part IA: Class 2, division 2
  • Part IB: Class 2, division 1

Recently, I co-founded a technology company with two other Computer Science students. We are currently developing some exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with you.